Experience Driving Like Never Before

Connecting You to Everything

Avoid Accidents

We connect you to everything so you won’t be surprised on the road

Save Time

Know where any issues are on the road before you drive

Reduce Fuel Expenses

More green lights mean less congestion and less idling

We provide connected aftermarket devices to make vehicles smart, safe and efficient utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect them to everything

Safety Driven

Improves safety through information exchange between vehicles, pedestrians, and road infrastructure

Green Driven

More green lights leading to fewer stops, less wear and tear, better fuel and EV battery efficiency reducing our carbon footprint

Data Driven

Analytics providing a more efficient, safe and enjoyable driving experience

Total Cost of Ownership Driven

Driving down the cost of insurance, fuel, maintenance & repair. Industry first Drive & Earn program – vehicle owners own your data and earn money



Vehicle-to-Vehicle wireless exchange of information on vehicles speed, location, and heading, allowing vehicles to broadcast a 360 degree awareness of proximity.



Vehicle-to-Infrastructure wireless connection/communication to road infrastructure (i.e., highways, traffic signals, street lights, etc.)



Vehicle-to-Pedestrian communication between vehicles and blindspots to protect passers-by, bicyclists, strollers, wheelchairs, and vulnerable pedestrians.



Vehicle-to-Network broadcast and unicast communications between vehicles and V2X management systems (ie communication btw cars, trucks, fleet, lights, etc.)



Vehicle-to-Grid system that connects hybrid or electric cars to power grids.


Our Mission

Our mission is to retrofit 1.3 billion vehicles with V2X connectivity to increase safety, reduce cost, congestion and our carbon footprint. We will make vehicles smart, safe and efficient by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect them to everything via the Intelligent Transportation System.


What We Do

We are developing OBII, OBII Pro and OBII Pro+, a groundbreaking IoT retrofit on-board vehicle device that will be connected to traffic signals, school zones, highway infrastructure, other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and more. OBII, OBII Pro and OBII Pro+ will integrate with fleet management software, mapping and other popular mobile applications that will enable all Vehicles in Operation (VIOs) to have the same or better connectivity to the transportation system than new cars rolling off the assembly lines. We will own and protect our intellectual property and trade secrets, intending to patent where appropriate.


Our Approach

Connex2X go-to-market plans include following the infrastructure and first targeting smart cities where the Intelligent Transportation System has been deployed. We believe this will facilitate the smooth and rapid adoption of OBII, OBII Pro and OBII Pro+. We will then pursue an aggressive campaign to target municipal and commercial fleets, both large and small, in parallel with the retail market. Globally, drivers and societies will not realize the full benefits of the Intelligent Transportation System without retrofitting the vehicles in operation (VIO).

Billion vehicles to retrofit worldwide

billion gallons of fuel wasted

billion USD in costs due to accidents

billion USD in lost productivity

Key Applications

Automated Crash Detection & Response

In the event a OBII, OBII Pro and OBII Pro+ connected vehicle is involved in a crash, our platform will enter into “crash mode”, we capture video and vehicle data associated with the crash and store the package in a secure immutable format that cannot be changed.

Fuel Savings

Our platform is intended to naturally reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment through fuel savings and reduced congestion.

Traffic Signal Status

 Vehicle location and direction of travel will provide a countdown of time remaining at red lights, as well as green light legal optimal speed advisories

Vehicle Mapping & Tracking

OBII, OBII Pro and OBII Pro+ onboard GPS will continually track the vehicle location, direction of travel, and speed, and will also utilize custom mapping of the vehicle dimensions of larger and heavier vehicles to help avoid low bridges, weight restrictions and tight turns.

Drive & Earn

Data securely stored on the Connex2X Cloud can also be monetized by the fleet managers and drivers if they opt-in to this program.

OBII, OBII Pro and OBII Pro+ Onboard Unit

Connex2X Cloud

Data Driven Dashboard

Always on Cellular and V2X Direct Communications

*5G/LTE in 2023

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